Challenge Creation for TISC 2022


Theme for TISC 2022

PALINDROME is back again with a vengeance. Singapore is facing yet another large-scale cyber attack that compromised and disrupted several of Singapore's critical infrastructure and cyberspace.

Come join CSIT and other fellow Cybersecurity experts on this journey to investigate and hunt them down.


  1. This challenge creation is open to Singapore citizens only.  
  2. The submitted challenge must be original and created by you.  
  3. You can only submit 1 challenge.
  4. Download the form TISC 2022 Terms and Conditions for Community Sourced Challenges_declaration, e-sign, and submit it with your challenge.
  5. Email your challenge to by 13 June 2022.   
  6. If your challenge is selected for use during TISC 2022, you will receive an incentive of S$1,000. You may still participate in TISC 2022 but you will not be eligible for prizes.  

Challenge Guidelines

  1. Challenge submitted must be related to Infosecurity or Cybersecurity topics such as, but not limited to:  
    1. Web Hacking 
    2. Forensics 
    3. Reverse Engineering 
    4. Binary Exploitation 
    5. Cryptography 
    6. Mobile Security 
    7. IoT 
    8. Data Science (with applications in cybersecurity)
  2. Your challenge need not be limited to 1 topic (i.e. combination of more than 1 topic is welcomed).   
  3. Level of difficulty should be tough yet solvable for someone with deep technical expertise, within reasonable time (i.e. >3 hours to 3 days). 
  4. Challenges should be creative, innovative and interesting. 
  5. Challenges should be aligned with the theme of TISC 2022.
  6. Solutions to challenges must not require or suggest the need for server probing or brute-forcing.  

What to submit

  1. Challenge question and files (what the participants will be shown).  
  2. Setup README file. 
  3. Challenge source code, docker files, etc.  
  4. Challenge solution (write-up and script).  
  5. Challenge flag.  

Scope of challenge and criteria for challenge selection

  1. Good, interesting, creative and innovative ideas.  
  2. Tough yet solvable within reasonable time (e.g., >3 hours to 3 days).
  3. The submitted challenge idea should be novel, original and created by you. It must not have been previously published or used in any form in Singapore or anywhere in the world, or entered in any other competition.

Incentive for selected challenge

  1. S$1,000 will be paid for each selected challenge.

Interested to submit your challenge?

Click TISC 2022 Terms and Conditions for Community Sourced Challenges_declaration to download, e-sign and submit the form with your challenge to by 13 June 2022.