Senior R&D Engineer (Speech)

Job Scope:
  • Research on human language technologies (i.e. speech processing) to support information processing
  • Perform data preprocessing and feature engineering, build and deploy machine learning models, and design experiments to evaluate techniques and algorithms
  • Collaborate closely with business users and develop speech analytics solution to meet their needs
  • Actively conduct technology scans to understand technical and commercial drivers and leverage these technology advances and opportunities to guide in-house R&D efforts
  • Work with software developers to integrate speech analytics into enterprise systems
Job Requirements:
  • PhD and/or Master’s degree in speech processing-related fields OR at least 3-year prior experience in speech processing-related R&D work
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, MATLAB preferred
  • Knowledge of Java programming will be an added advantage
  • Experience or strong understanding in one or more of the following areas will be an added advantage:
    • Other HLT technologies e.g. natural language processing and machine translation
    • Computational linguistics
    • Machine learning
    • Information retrieval
    • Data clustering, categorisation, entity extraction
    • Neural network, fuzzy logic, evolutionary algorithms
  • Applicants must be Singapore Citizens