The Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies (CSIT) is a technical agency in the Ministry of Defence that harnesses cutting-edge digital technologies to meet Singapore’s security needs.

CSIT is a member of the Defence Technology Community.


Our Mission

We develop capabilities to support missions such as cyber defence, counter terrorism, and counter hostile information operations.

We analyse data to discover potential threats, conduct deep technical investigations, develop new capabilities and provide threat intelligence to support national security.


What We Do

Our technical focus includes cybersecurity, data analytics, software engineering, and cloud infrastructure and services.

Our Values


We do what is right for Singapore



We transform creative ideas into cutting-edge, technological solutions



We thrive together as a team connected by a shared purpose



We are nimble, versatile and quick to respond to changes



We believe in lifelong learning, and are committed to developing everyone to their full potential

Our Logo

9559_CSIT Logo_FA-02 (small)

The bold and clean typeface reflects our strong and fundamental belief in integrity as a core value.

The vibrant orange and yellow tones symbolise the vitality, creativity and warmth of the CSIT community.

The interconnected letters (C-S-I-T) reflect our cohesive team spirit.

The letter 'C' forms an opening brace for a line of metaphorical code, with the closing brace in the logo mark. This captures our focus on digital technologies.

We invite you to complete the code by growing with CSIT.

root@csit:~# ./future