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Challenge of Wits - CSIT Challenge Solution  Data Science
A Deep Dive into Windows Cryptographic Services Vulnerability: CVE-2023-23416  Cybersecurity
Cyberthon 2023 Pwn Challenge — Wordpocalypse  Cybersecurity
Building a simple video analytics tool using the CLIP mode  Data Science
New beginnings: Designing our first steps to get the CSIT digital product design team off the ground  Product & Design; Design Enterprise
STACK The Flags 2022 RE Challenge — Secret Chest of Rick Cybersecurity 
TISC 2022 Challenge 8 Walkthrough — Palindrome’s Vault Cybersecurity
TISC 2022 Challenge 10 Walkthrough — Papasploit [Part 2] Cybersecurity 
TISC 2022 Challenge 10 Walkthrough - Papasploit [Part 1] Cybersecurity
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TISC 2022 Challenge 9 Walkthrough - PalindromeOS Cybersecurity 
Advance Optimization Techniques for Elasticsearch Software Engineering
Palindrome's parting gift Cybersecurity
Judging a book by its cover - Part Two: Analysing Malware Metadata
at Scale
How We Modernise Legacy Systems at CSIT Software Engineering
CVE-2022-24750: The Discovery and Exploitation of Zero-day
Vulnerability in UltraVNC
Life as a Threat Investigator -  Our Role in Protecting Singapore's
Improving Operational Resiliency through GameDay Software Engineering 
Challenge of Wits — Challenge #3 Solution Writeup  Cybersecurity
Demystifying iOS Code Signature Cybersecurity
Organising & Architecting for Sustained Digital Transformation Data Analytics 
What it’s like to work as a Software Engineer (Infrastructure) at CSIT Cloud Infrastructure & Services 
TISC 2021 Challenge 8 Walkthrough — Get Schwifty Cybersecurity
TISC 2021 Challenge 10 Partial Walkthrough— Malware for UwU Cybersecurity 
Judging a book by its cover — Part One: Dissecting Malware Metadata for Insights Cybersecurity