Network Engineer

Duration: > 4 Months

Internship Type: Undergraduate


As a Network Engineer intern, you will get the opportunity to design, build, and/or improve a range of software-defined network services. You will work closely under the guidance of a mentor to deliver your product that meet user requirements.

Broad Deliverables

  • Design and build a proof-of-concept or prototype software-defined networking services that can be readily deployed.
  • Document the findings of various technologies explored, and present to management and users on your system.

Possible Projects*

  • Network automation and virtual network services
  • Network telemetry processing platform

Prerequisites/Skills Required

  • Proficient in Python and network automation
  • Knowledge of cloud networking technologies such as network function virtualization (NFV), network routing protocols and micro-segmentation

*List is non-exhaustive as projects are subject to availability at point of application