The InfoSecurity Challenge

The InfoSecurity Challenge (TISC) is proudly organised by CSIT.

What is TISC? 

TISC is a two-week online sequential style Capture-the-Flag (CTF) competition organised by CSIT since 2020. It provides opportunities for interested Singaporeans to put their cybersecurity and programming skills to the test by solving challenging puzzles against the clock.

There will be a series of challenges for participants to complete, sequentially, in increasing level of difficulty. The levels will cover various topics including, but not limited to, Web Penetration, Forensics, Reverse Engineering, Binary Exploitation, Cryptography, Mobile, Cloud and OSINT.

TISC 2024 is happening in September! Stay tuned for more details. 

Challenge submission for TISC 2024 is now open.

Who can participate? 

TISC is open to Singapore citizens only.

Check out the Terms and Conditions of participation here

Why should you participate in TISC? 

TISC is an individual challenge. Participants will have the opportunity to win cash prizes up to $30,000. The top three levels of challenges have a cash prize pool of $10,000 each to be shared between participants who successfully cleared the respective levels.

Digital badge of completion. Those who completed a certain number of challenges will be awarded a digital badge indicating the highest level completed. The digital badge can be shared on social media.

Digital badge of participation. Participants who completed at least one challenge will receive the digital badge of participation as a memento of your participation in TISC.

TISC Swag. Participants who managed to solve the most levels in the shortest time will receive Swag. In 2021, they received an Arduino UNO mini challenge. In 2022, they received a customised desk mat and TISC T-shirt. In 2023, they received a Divoom Ditoo Pixel Art Gaming Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

If you wish to create challenges to test the skills of your fellow cyber peers, you could participate as a challenge creator instead! S$1,000 will be paid for each selected challenge.

Update: Sign-ups for TISC 2024 challenge creators are open from now till 7 July 2024. 

Still have questions?

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